Business Intelligence Analyst

Do you want to join us in analyzing product data for finding areas of improvement in addition to market data for discovering new opportunities, formulating strategies for each type of target user and more importantly being at the center of data-driven decision making?

What We Want:

  • A university degree in Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Business Administration, Economics or a related field,
  • Strong analytical skills,
  • Skilled in MS Excel and preferably other data-analysis tools/languages,
  • Comfortable in using analytical tools,
  • Willing to focus on data patterns within every area of a dynamic business,
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills,
  • Enjoy working closely with a cross-functional product team,
  • Being a self-starter and internally motivated to work efficiently without close supervision,
  • Thrive working in a fast paced environment with constant learning,
  • Demonstrating high level of curiosity and attention to detail.

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